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you like it??? well i got it!! editor @glossier / drag tween

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Dallas Perry

you know you’ve made it when you’ve played the opry!!!!!

Grand Ole Opry

32019-07-18 00:22:54

Dallas Perry

🏁AINT U THAT VROOM VROOM BITCH??🚦 performing at   @fubarla   was legenderic!!! tysm   @rhealitre   for having me and all my iconic friends for making last night one for the books !!! pc:   @bbbertis     @p.aulinatorres  

342019-07-17 05:19:55

Dallas Perry

HA CHA CHA!!! tonight this faglet is making his DRAG PERFORMANCE DEBUT at FUBAR for makeout Monday’s with   @rhealitre  !!! come see me!!!

342019-07-16 00:45:01

Dallas Perry

probably the reason all these boys got crUshessss

San Diego, California

382019-07-12 05:33:49

Dallas Perry

☁️ paint me like one of your cherub girls☁️


222019-07-06 23:28:39

Dallas Perry

crafts are happening

42019-07-06 03:06:40

Dallas Perry

call 1-800-  @slayyyter   for a good time 🍒


102019-06-28 20:55:10

Dallas Perry

me! by   @shadows.gather   celebrating my 23rd at   @evitaparty  !! so far 23 is the shit 🎉 🤪


62019-06-20 23:30:38

Dallas Perry

  @katyperry   thanks for being such a pop icon and THANK U for the love on my   #NEVERREALLYOVER   music video!! Happy pride y’all 🧡🌈 GAY RIGHTS!! thanks   @lierinabdo   for your help with filming this!!

Los Angeles, California

412019-06-20 02:34:58

The end.