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  @hozier   teams up with   @tourist   for an Amazon Original remix of 'Almost (Sweet Music)' that is unlike anything you've heard from the artist before. Listen now on Amazon Music 🎶

22019-07-21 22:00:02

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Get lost in the latest from   @leonbridgesofficial.   Just ask Alexa to play the   #SongOfTheDay   to listen to his dreamy track 'That Was Yesterday'. Bonus points if you can catch the song in tonight's season finale of   #BigLittleLies2  !

22019-07-21 20:00:02

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  @thenewclassic  's highly-anticipated sophomore album   #InMyDefense   has arrived, the first album from her independent record label Bad Dreams. Featuring fierce collaborations including   @kashdoll  ,   @juicyj   and   @lilyachty  , Iggy sounds as bold as ever, and we are here for it. Listen now on Amazon Music 🤑

92019-07-20 23:18:02

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  @sabrinacarpenter  's new album   #SingularAct2   will have you on your feet and in your feels. Get your weekend goin' and listen now on Amazon Music 🖤

22019-07-20 01:25:02

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Executive produced by none other than Queen B herself,   #TheGiftAlbum   is exactly that — a gift. Link in bio 🦁💕

62019-07-19 21:31:24

Amazon Music

  #TheLionKing  : The Gift... coming soon. Executive produced by   @beyonce.  

62019-07-19 03:35:24

Amazon Music

Happy   #PrimeDay  ! For a limited time only,   @garthbrooks  ' Limited Legacy Collection vinyl bundle will be discounted exclusively for Prime Members! Check out Garth on   @JimmyKimmelLive   TONIGHT, and listen to his new song 'Dive Bar' featuring none other than   @blakeshelton   on Amazon Music. [Link in bio]

1382019-07-15 21:56:09

Amazon Music

Happy Birthday,   @ollyyears  ! Celebrate with his iconic cover of 'American Boy' on Amazon Music now. Cheers, bb! 🥳

32019-07-15 10:00:02

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After three years,   @yuna   returns with new album   #ROUGE   featuring a string of start-studded collaborations, including   @feliciathegoat  ,   @g_eazy  ,   @littlesimz  , and more. 📍 Listen now on Amazon Music.

52019-07-15 07:59:58

Amazon Music

In celebration of   @teddysphotos  ’ new album   #No6CollaborationsProject  , Ed and Alexa have teamed up for an epic duet. To hear it just say, “Alexa, play your duet with Ed Sheeran”   #EdXAlexa  

272019-07-13 05:26:20

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Has there ever been a more relatable album cover 😂? Thank you   @billieeilish.   Listen to her   #BadGuy   remix featuring   @justinbieber   on Amazon Music, and while you’re at it, tag a friend that needs to see this 😅🤩

182019-07-12 23:59:41

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Still on a ☁️ from last night's   #PrimeDay   Concert. A huge thank you to   @taylorswift  ,   @dualipa  ,   @sza  ,   @iambeckyg   and   @janelynchofficial   for making our dreams come true 🥰 Head to the link in bio to rewatch the best day of the year presented by Amazon Music, only on   @amazonprimevideo   (available for a limited time).

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