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It’s been a zip-a-dee-do-dah celebration! Not only did we celebrate our 64th Birthday this week, but Splash Mountain also celebrated its 30th Anniversary! Next week share your sweet treat photos with   #HappiestPlace   for a chance to be featured. (📷:   @amousewithacamera     @disneyland_over_everything     @julietaylor03     @aaadventureisoutther     @iliveinbarnesandnoble  )

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Today we commemorate 64 years since the opening day of   #Disneyland  ! Thank you for celebrating with us!

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It’s our 64th birthday this week and   @MickeyMouse   can’t wait to celebrate with you! 🎉 Post your photos of how you’re celebrating with   #HappiestPlace   for a chance to be featured.

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It’s been a joy seeing all the things you love about Pixar Pier! 😍 Get ready and join us as we celebrate Disneyland's birthday next week 🎉🎂 Don't forget to use   #HappiestPlace   for a chance to be featured. (📷:   @disneywithe     @carynngee     @disneylanddayoff     @disneydentist     @homefordisneypictures  )

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It's time to share your   #PixarPier   memories! Don't forget to use   #HappiestPlace   for a chance to be featured. ✨

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We enjoyed seeing all your favorite Super Hero encounters this week! Now prepare for adventure — share your   #PixarPier   adventures next week with   #HappiestPlace   for a chance to be featured. (📷:   @mamba24     @kendallandmommy     @belliebellz     @missvintagelady     @darthlozoya  )

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Don your stars and stripes - celebrate America with us today! Happy   #4thofJuly   from the   #Disneyland   Resort! 🎆🇺🇸🎇 (📷:   @disneyland_aperture  )

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You've read them in the comics, but have you encountered them in person? Keep sharing your favorite Super Hero photos with   #HappiestPlace  ! (📷:   @rachellleanne  )

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Ready to share your favorite Super Hero encounters? Use   #HappiestPlace   for a chance to be featured this week.

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Thanks for sharing your adventures from   #StarWars     #GalaxysEdge  ! May the spires keep you. The fun continues on   #HappiestPlace   as we suit up for Super Heroes next week! (📷:   @thisisourneverland     @katpark     @thegirlwho.dreams     @littleredsmagicaladventures     @disney.jen  )

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Look at all of the unique creatures and friends you have found in   #StarWars     #GalaxysEdge   at Disneyland. What new friends have you made while living your adventure in the all-new land? Use   #HappiestPlace   to share your Star Wars story this week for a chance to be featured. (📷:   @just_jess_fashion     @jenniferlanda     @sarahsaryan     @meghanyount     @goofysushi  )

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It’s a beautiful day in Batuu! Hope you can join Rey and explore   #GalaxysEdge   with us too! Thank you for sharing your memories with us this week.   #HappiestPlace     #Disneyland   (🎥:   @randomly_riley  )

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