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Lierin Abdo

Had to go to the h2o💧

Castaic Lake

62019-07-19 23:48:18

Lierin Abdo

Feelin glossy✨   @_dallasperry_     @heather_fortin3     #glossier     #la     #melrose  


42019-07-11 03:05:51

Lierin Abdo

Bridal shower with the sis. Much love for this girl 💗   @dabdotherapy  

Laguna Hills, California

32019-07-07 23:05:37

Lierin Abdo

I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the 2019-2020 LA Kings Ice Crew👑

La Kings Hockey Club

672019-07-04 22:42:18

Lierin Abdo

The Gals👭

32019-07-03 06:56:11

Lierin Abdo

Low key looks like I’m floating

Los Angeles, California

92019-06-20 07:02:29

Lierin Abdo

Really trying not to squint here people

92019-06-18 06:57:00

Lierin Abdo

Buckle up buttercup🌻

82019-06-12 01:29:27

The end.