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Sarah Nicole Tanno

I love you forever baby. What a wonderful night. So much love 💕 celebrating what we have together   @timstewart.   I call you my pre husband and I can’t wait to marry you in a few months. This is my favorite photo ever   @juleswhitephotography  

1422019-07-21 19:14:56

Sarah Nicole Tanno

Love this killer   @hauslabs   look on   @sveta_mat   by   @missphuongtran   She is wearing Glam Attack Duo “Downtown Punk” Chained Ballerina on eyes, Rose Bitch as highlight on brows and on lips. 💗💗💗. photo by   @hannahkhymych   Hair by   @petergrayhair  

482019-07-19 19:06:15

Sarah Nicole Tanno

Happy Birthday   @priyankachopra   Love our glam time! Wishing you the best! Kisses.   #priyankachopra   hair   @renatocampora  

222019-07-19 04:14:04

Sarah Nicole Tanno

From the moment I met you   @ladygaga   all my dreams have come true. I think of all the people who have dreams. To leave their small town for something bigger. It’s scary to leave it all behind and not know what could happen. I’ve moved so many times to to get here. To fail and get back up. To be broke and have nothing and not give up. Never give up on yourself! Now I look at this photo. I think of everything we have accomplished together. I think of all the amazing moments I’ve watched you win. Not just all the awards, but in life. Your heart is so pure. You have held my hand and helped me through some of the hardest moments of my life. A true friend and my family. And now we have   @hauslabs   A true labor of love. Mixing pigments on your floor for countless hours, and now I get to see our hard work in the packaging. I cried the first time I saw them. It represents so much more than makeup for us. I love you friend thank you for asking me to be part of this. I am forever humbled and honored. XOXO 💋

10522019-07-18 19:23:11

Sarah Nicole Tanno

Getting ready for a   #Haus   party   @ladygaga   wearing   @hauslabs   “Chained Ballerina” Glam Attack on eyes. “Drag” “Slayer” RIP lip liner and “Entranced” Le Riot lip gloss on lips   #ladygaga     #hausofgaga     #hauslabs     #hauslaboratories     #sarahtannomakeup  

5822019-07-18 05:06:09

Sarah Nicole Tanno

  @hauslabs   RIP LIP LINER in “Ride” I’m gonna need more of these. Part of the Haus of Metalhead Collection.   @ladygaga   loves to wear it all over her lips like a lipstick. Full coverage, super creamy formula 💋

2352019-07-17 05:29:35

Sarah Nicole Tanno

  @ladygaga   and I will be talking about   @hauslabs   on Amazon Live today at 3pm PS. Showing you tips and talking about our new products. Love you all. Thank you for all the incredible support!   #hauslaboratories     #hauslabs     #ladygaga     #BTS     @amazon  

2932019-07-15 22:16:57

Sarah Nicole Tanno

Killer look on   @erineliopulos   by my main girl   @missphuongtran.   Erin is wearing Glam Attacks in “Rose Bitch, Biker & Chained Ballerina” on her lips she’s wearing RIP Lip Liner in “En Pointe” and Le Riot Lip Gloss in “Corset” All of our shades look so major together!! All of our products are VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE. Available for Pre-Sale now on & Amazon.   @hauslabs   shot by   @hannahkhymych   Hair by   @petergrayhair     #hausofgaga     #hauslaboratories     #presale     #ladygaga     #makeup  

402019-07-15 21:42:24

Sarah Nicole Tanno

  @ladygaga   wearing “Drag” RIP Lip Liner. These Lip Liners are a new innovation. We worked so hard on them to make it just right. They are so smooth we like to cover our whole lips with them. The comfort of a lipstick. Precision of a lip liner. Demi-matte finish and no skipping on application!! Available for Pre Order tonight at Midnight on & Amazon! Lip liners, Glam Attack & Le Riot Lip glosses will be available for a limited time in Duo’s so you can try more than one!   @hauslabs     #hausofgaga     #hauslaboratories     #hauslabs     #riplipliner     #ladygaga     #sarahtannomakeup  

1462019-07-14 23:18:28

Sarah Nicole Tanno

HAUS OF GODDESS COLLECTION on the stunning   @theduponttwins   Here artist   @manthony783   used Glam Attack in “Aphrodite” on lids and cheekbone highlight. It’s one of the most versatile. I use this one in almost every makeup. Lips are lined with RIP Lip Liner in “Myth” and a touch of Le Riot Lip Gloss in “Venus” Available for Pre Order TOMORROW on & Amazon Photography by   @hannahkhymych   Hair by   @petergrayhair     @hauslabs     #hausofgaga     #hauslaboratories     #hauslabs     #sarahtannomakeup     #ladygaga     #beauty     #makeup     #amazon  

1342019-07-14 18:54:04

Sarah Nicole Tanno

GLAM ATTACK ◾️ RIP LIP LINER ◾️ LE RIOT LIP GLOSS ◾️ HAUS LABORATORIES 🧪   @hauslabs     #hausofgaga     #hauslaboratories     #hauslabs     #ladygaga  

1172019-07-13 21:27:43

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